MaxLite releases expanded portfolio of Title 24 JA8 compliant LED lamps

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MaxLite releases expanded portfolio of Title 24 JA8 compliant LED lamps

WEST CALDWELL, N.J. (June 12, 2017) – MaxLite has launched a full line of LED lamps certified to meet Joint Appendix 8 (JA8) of the Title 24 2016 building code requirements for the State of California.

SKUs include 40-, 60-, 75- and 100-watt equivalent A lamps with enclosed-rated options; MR16 (low voltage and line voltage GU10 base lamp); BR30; and A19 and B10 vintage filament styles. All JA8-compliant models are dimmable, low flicker and have a 90-plus color rendering index (CRI). Although they are designed to meet the strict performance requirements established by the California Energy Commission under Title 24, the ENERGY STAR certified lamps are available to all markets as high quality lamp solutions for residential and commercial applications.

“California is a leader in the area of energy-efficient lighting codes, and as an industry innovator, MaxLite is committed to providing our customers on the West Coast, and throughout North America, with quality, affordable lighting solutions that meet the highest standards of product performance,” said Product Manager Alex Truong. “MaxLite’s JA8-certified lamps offer outstanding color accuracy, reduced flicker and a long, maintenance-free life that will enhance décor and improve the living experience in any interior application.”

Delivering 80 percent or greater energy savings than incandescent and halogen bulbs, MaxLite JA8-certified lamps are backed by a five-year limited warranty (three years for filament styles) and lifetime product support. For complete product specifications, or to view MaxLite’s complete portfolio of energy-saving LED lamps, visit

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MaxLite JA8-certified LED Lamps

A21 Lamp (17W, E26 base)
• Applications: table and floor lamps, pendants and other open fixtures
• Equivalency: 100W
• Output: 1,600 lumens
• Color Temperatures: 2700K and 3000K
• CRI: 90
• Lifetime 25,000 hours

A19 Lamp (10W, E26 base)
• Applications: table and floor lamps, pendants and other open fixtures
• Equivalency: 60W
• Output: 800 lumens
• Color Temperature: 2700K and 3000K
• CRI: 92-94
• Lifetime 25,000 hours

Enclosed-Rated A19 Lamp (6W, 10W and 12W, E26 base)
• Applications: ceiling flush mounts, sconces, lanterns, jelly jars, other fully enclosed luminaires
• Equivalency: 40W/60W/75W
• Output: 450/800/1,100 lumens
• Color Temperature: 2700K and 3000K
• CRI: 92–94
• Lifetime: 15,000-25,000 hours

MR16 Lamp (7W, GU 5.3 and GU10 bases)
• Applications: track lighting, opened recessed fixtures, desk lamps, task lighting
• Equivalency: 50W
• Output: 500 lumens
• Color Temperature: 3000K
• CRI: 91+
• Lifetime: 25,000 hours

BR30 Lamp (11W, E26 base)
• Applications: track and recessed lighting
• Equivalency: 65W
• Output: 800 lumens
• Color Temperature: 2700K and 3000K
• CRI: 90+
• Lifetime: 25,000 hours

Filament A19 Lamp (8.5W, E26 base)
• Applications: pendants, sconces, table lamps and other decorative lighting fixtures
• Equivalency: 60W
• Output: 800 lumens
• Color Temperature: 2700K
• CRI: 91+
• Lifetime: 15,000 hours

Filament B10 Lamp (4W, E12 base)
• Applications: pendants, sconces, table lamps and other decorative lighting fixtures
• Equivalency: 40W
• Output: 300 lumens
• Color Temperature: 2700K
• CRI: 94+
• Lifetime: 15,000 hours

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MaxLite announces 10-year warranty on LED lighting fixtures


MaxLite announces 10-year warranty on LED lighting fixtures

Industry-leading warranty coverage includes parts and labor

WEST CALDWELL, N.J. (February 14, 2017) – MaxLite, a leading manufacturer of energy-efficient lighting, today announced the introduction of a 10-year warranty on MaxLite LED indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures that includes coverage for parts and labor.

This industry-leading warranty provides MaxLite’s customers with higher levels of quality assurance and value in every lighting category.

“From the beginning, MaxLite has stood firmly behind its products,” said President and CEO Yon Sung. “Our new 10-year warranty reaffirms our confidence in the quality and performance of the MaxLite LED portfolio and our long-term commitment to our customers.”

MaxLite has more than 20 years of experience bringing quality, certified energy-efficient lighting solutions to market. One of the first movers into LED technology in the industry, MaxLite is capable of offering extensive warranties due to its ongoing commitment to using the highest quality components, including LED chips and drivers, available. MaxLite products undergo rigorous product testing and verification by its NVLAP- and UL-accredited laboratories and accredited third-party testing partners. As a result of MaxLite’s dedication to achieving the highest product performance standards, most MaxLite LED products are ENERGY STAR certified and listed on the Design Lights Consortium (DLC) Qualified Products List.

MaxLite’s new 10-year warranty covers parts and labor on most MaxLite LED indoor and outdoor fixtures, which can be installed in a variety of commercial and industrial settings, including offices, hospitals, schools and universities, hotels, retail centers, warehouses, manufacturing plants, parking facilities and gas stations.

For complete terms and conditions applicable to the new 10-year warranty, please visit:




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MaxLite launches wireless controls kit as complement to indoor LED fixtures



MaxLite launches wireless controls kit as complement to indoor LED fixtures

Comprehensive kit consists of EnOcean-based controller, accessories and commissioning tools that enable facilities to comply with Title 24 and other efficiency standards

WEST CALDWELL, N.J. (November 9, 2016) – Providing a turnkey solution for lighting and controls integration, MaxLite introduces a wireless controls kit, featuring technology from EnOcean®, that pairs with the company’s line of indoor LED fixtures to help facilities conserve energy and comply with building code requirements.

Ideal for small to mid-size commercial projects such as offices, cafeterias, hallways and conference rooms, the kit provides dimming, occupancy, and daylight harvesting, supporting Title 24-compliance right out of the box. The kit is shipped according to customer specification, and includes wireless relay nodes, self-powered sensors and switches, and commissioning software that simplifies the setup, linking and management of devices. A wide range of MaxLite LED indoor fixtures are compatible with the EnOcean kit, including FlatMAX Edge Lit Panels, ArcMAX Volumetric Troffers, Lensed Retrofit Kits, Polygon Linear Fixtures, Utility Wraps, Vapor Tights and select Recessed Downlight Retrofits. MaxLite issues the kit with a five-year limited warranty and lifetime product support.

“MaxLite is pleased to be teaming with EnOcean, the leader in self-powered energy harvesting and wireless technology, to offer customers a straightforward, comprehensive solution for adding controls to their next lighting project,” said Pat Treadway, director of product management for controls and new technology. “The kit enables facilities to connect controls to a single LED fixture, or a zone of multiple fixtures, and manage settings with minimal installation effort and cost, to meet today’s stringent building efficiency requirements.”

All of the EnOcean-based devices communicate using the latest 902 MHz standard, which enables interoperability of the kit’s sensors, switches and relay nodes. This standardization means customers benefit from the simplicity of having no switch or sensor power wires, or batteries to replace. In addition, locally installed and operated commissioning software provides independence from cloud-based servers. This turnkey approach ensures a designed system can meet all applicable energy efficiency and building code requirements for lighting controls.

MaxLite offers complimentary lighting and controls layouts, as well as commissioning support by phone from 8am EST to 5pm PST. Visit for more information.

For complete product specifications, go to:

Replace inefficient wallpacks with Simkar’s new LEDPro


Date: February 4th, 2016

The LEDPro Series of wallpacks features a shallow design and is designed with a traditional look, using the latest in LED technology.

LEDPro wallpacks were designed with a traditional look, familiar design, and specifically utilizing the latest in high performance LED technology. They match the current footprint of existing HID wallpacks and can be used for typical mounting heights ranging from 8 to 18 feet, while providing a lateral space to mounting ratio of up to 6:1.

Replacing 100W to 400W pulse start metal halide wall-mounted fixtures, they provide safety and security in many applications such as perimeters, building facades, stairwells, and entrance ways. LEDPro wallpacks consume up to 88% less energy over traditional HID sources, while having an operating life of 50,000 hours (L70).

The LEDPro Wallpacks are available in large and small configurations.

Familiar design with rugged and reliable LED performance

The Simkar LEDPro Wallpack Series is designed with you in mind. A familiar footprint reduces or eliminates cosmetic installation touch-ups. A shallow design depth of 4 1/2”inches allows room for the wallpacks to be used over existing 4”round or square J boxes or via 3/4”top and bottom feed-through access points to the wiring chamber. LEDPro uses the latest in long lasting LED technology, ensuring years of reliable service.


MaxLite announces 10-year warranty for hazardous location fixtures


Date: August 23, 2016

MaxLite, a leading global provider of energy efficient lighting solutions, proudly introduces a 10-year limited warranty on select LED Hazardous Location Fixtures (HLRMax) for Class I, Division 2 and Class II, Division 2 spaces.



Via Visionaire Lighting

June, 2016

We are pleased to offer a whole new look to the BOW SX & LX Family of products and the Highest Lumen Package ever!

The new and Improved BOW LX & SX Series now comes available with an optional Decorative Shroud that adds an architectural element to the whole product line. In addition improvements have been made to the overall design of the product to insure IP-65 Compliance especially relative to Moisture Intrusion. Most exciting is the new Lumen Package of the BOW LX Series which now offers output of up to 110,000 Lumens and Efficacies up to 150 Lumens per watt ! All of these new photometric files are now available on our web site. We also now have DLC Listings on all of these BOW LX products as well.

We are excited to add a new offering to this family of products. The New BLX-3 can provide over 34,000 Lumens at 338 Watts for an excellent replacement for 400 watt traditional fixtures. DLC listings are under way for this exciting new product.

Think of the endless possibilities for this high Lumen family of products ranging from Auto Dealerships, Shopping Centers, High Mast Applications, and General Area Lighting.


Via Visionaire Lighting

July, 2016

With 16, 32, or 48 LEDs, and up to 1 Amp this new small V Series completes the V-Collection of products which are now available from 16 to 192 LEDs in the VSX, VMX, and VLX family of products.

The photometric files are now available on our web site and all configurations are now DLC Listed.

The pedestrian scale of the VSX Series, makes it a perfect companion to the V Family of products for walkways, pedestrian centers, bike trails, and smaller area lighting jobs.